Party every Tuesday at Rdza

Hi all, my friend is throwing a party for international students and all-comers every tuesday at Rdza. Tomorrow is the grand opening - there's a cover but mention Cracow-life and you can get in for reduced fee! See you there, slinks

- Posted by slinkster from Poland on Oct 3rd, 2005

great idea. but where is this place, who is organising it, what is the cost.. do you have to pay for more than the drinks? What is the best way to reach all the new students arriving in town..we want to make *loads* of new contacts now we are here...

- Posted by theboysrback from Poland on Oct 5th, 2005

Venue: Rdza - ulica Bracka (off the market square parrellel to Grodska. Organizer: Radical Corporation Productions. Cost: Free before 22:00/15zl 22:00-24:00/30zl after. Mention Cracow-Life and free before midnight/15 after. Drinks specials till midnight. Great eclectic selection of music. Great way to meet a variety of internationals and locals. Our first party on october 4th went right off with over 400 people.

- Posted by radical from Poland on Oct 6th, 2005

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