Thank you 'Peppersgirl'

Thanks that was very useful info - you say we must try Polish food my wife & I have a polish friend(Anna) who we helped with her English (she's now a nurse working in an English Hospital) she was always saying to try the food - what is a typical Polish meal??

- Posted by gillyd from Poland on Jun 20th, 2008

You are welcome:) Well.....u absolutely have to try PIEROGI(i think it's dumplings in english)filled with cheese/meat/fruit etc. it is delicious!!! and of course u should try BIGOS very tasty:) I hope u will have great time in Krakow!!! cheers!

- Posted by peppersgirl from Poland on Jun 20th, 2008

Hi Gillyd, the meal Peppersgirl mentioned sounds tasty don't it?, I'm also booked to see Cracow in Oct so I may be the guy at the next table sampling the Dumplings with cheese filling, nice of her to respond wasn't it? Clanger

- Posted by clanger from Poland on Jun 20th, 2008

Hi again:) Thats no problem! if u have any questions.....i will help:) cheers!

- Posted by peppersgirl from Poland on Jun 22nd, 2008

The pierogi are not like our dumplings they are worth a try..but more like ravioli. If they are fried they are better I think. Bigos is Polish and good. Ancora restaurant in Ul Dominikanska is my favourite restaurant. It does international food but has a Polish chef who is brilliant. Try the milk bars as well for Polish food they are very good and cheap as well. Kathmaria

- Posted by kathmaria from Poland on Aug 3rd, 2008

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