I am looking for the name of a pub in Krakow tht is on ul. Tomasza, about 2 blocks up from the Hotel Classic in Krakow, but on the opposite side of the street going toward Old Town. Had great food and drink? Cany anyone help me with the name of it? There was a Texas-Mexican restaruant before the pub if that helps??

- Posted by selllmeats from Poland on Oct 3rd, 2005

can only think of Nic Nowego, which is on the corner of Tomasza and Krzyza. It is an irish lounge bar with big screen, good food and bottles of budva... sorry if that's not it! slinks

- Posted by slinkster from Poland on Oct 4th, 2005

Nic Nowego for sure.

- Posted by emperor from Poland on Oct 4th, 2005

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