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Hi All, Visiting cracow for the first time end of June. Suprising my girlfriend for her birthday and would like anyone to recommend a really cool restaurant with an outdoor area and great view. It doesnt have to be central, just memorable. Many thanks J

- Posted by jonathan from Poland on Jun 2nd, 2008

Hey Jonathan, There are loads of great restaurants here in Krakow. Ones with gardens and views are slightly harder to come by though. There are a couple on the main square with seating outside. The two that spring to mind would be Wentzl or Wierzynek. They're probably the two oldest restaurants in the city, but are also quite pricey! Otherwise, there are some really nice restaurants that don't have outdoor areas, but are still great places to eat. I took my girlfriend to Aqua e Vino for a nice romantic meal and it was fantastic! Great food and superb service! One of their waitresses won Waitress of the month this month in Krakow Post! I think her name was Marta! She served us too! Also try Miod Malina or Al Dente in Kazimierz. There's a few options for you. You should find all their details on this site! It's definitely best to reserve in advance, and if you tell them its for a special occasion they'll do their best to make it so! Hope you and your girlfriend enjoy your stay in Krakow!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Jun 5th, 2008

Jonathan Some restaurants on the square have outdoor seating but it gets very busy so may not be as romantic. Two I would recommend are Wentzel or Szara. For something more intimate, you could dine outside in Szeroka street in Kazimierz, the Jewish district. This is a lovely quieter square and also has a Szara restaurant on it with a terrace at the front (and a less interesting one at the back). Another nice restaurant on this square is Rubenstein. Alternatively you could get a cab about 15 minutes out of town and eat on the terrace of a small castle on top of a hill, overlooking the river and farms/parks around Krakow. The castle is called Zamek Przegorza³ach. You should book any of these places in advance but a day or even half day early is enough. If the weather turns and you can't eat outside then I don't recommend the castle - the inside of the restaurant isn't as nice. Enjoy!

- Posted by ILPodgorze from Poland on Jun 7th, 2008

One of the most romantic places I've found is Trzy Papryczki (ul. Poselska 17) - it's an Italian place and pizzaria off of Grodzka, so it's still central but not as well-known (and usually free of tourists) as the places on the square. The most romantic part is the garden, which has a very Mediterranean feeling, with vines everywhere. I highly recommend it!

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Jun 9th, 2008

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