I get into Krakow on Sunday 8th June in teh evening hopefully in time for the Poland v Germany game... few quaestions... Where will be a good atmosphere to watch for 11 english lads ranging from mid 20s to early 50s? Is there a dress code on a night? Ie do you have to wear shoes? Also our only full day is the Monday. what will keep us entertained on a Monday during the day and what will the place be like on a Monday night? Thanks guys n gals and a rough pricing on beers etc or a typical meal would be great too!

- Posted by lander19 from Poland on May 27th, 2008

watch the game in the irish mbassy, you can also eat there, prices are very reasonable beers are about 7 / 8 zlotys, head off to the bowling alley on monday or just stroll around krakow there is plenty to see.

- Posted by bazzag from Poland on May 27th, 2008

thanks for that, will there be bars like the embassy open during the day on the monday jabber?

- Posted by lander19 from Poland on May 27th, 2008

there will definitely be bars open from noon or so all day Monday, the ImBassy is perfect for stags, for a more club-like experience probably Cien or Ministerstwo will still be crowded on a Monday. Please wear shoes though, there's horse sh*t on the market square...

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on May 29th, 2008

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