andrzej wajda films

anyplace to see or rent second run films, esp anything by Wajda? i would also be willing to travel to Warsaw to see something. renting a dvd would be ideal though, since without english subtitles i won't understand anything beyond dobri and pivo.

- Posted by trash2708 from Poland on Sep 27th, 2005

I know that Empik is doing a special promotion of Wajda DVDs at the moment (as you enter the basement there's a sort of obelisk of them). And it seems that new Dvd versions have just been released e.g Wesele, previously available only in cassette format. Otherwise, most of the better video/ DVD rentals should have a fair few. You might try one of the bigger ones like Beverley Hills on ul. Czarnowiejska (just beyond Aleja).

- Posted by nikolai from Poland on Sep 28th, 2005

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