transwport to auschwitz

Sorry if this has already been asked. My friend and I are due to fly in next week and are going to be looking to go to Auschwitz for a day. I was there before and felt the official tour was far too rushed and we were in and out of both sites in about 3hours. Given this I was thinking about an early taxi from Cracow and early evening return. Can enyone let me know roughly the cost to do this or alternatives? Also is there any noce hotels or bars that we could go to nearby to contact a taxi or wait on its arrival for the return journey?

- Posted by stevie4747 from Poland on Apr 23rd, 2008

Hey Stevie, I think you can book a taxi on this site and they'll pick you up from your apartment/hotel/hostel in Krakow and take you there and then collect you at a pre-arranged time. I don't think a round trip should cost any more than 390 PLN! I think the email is These guys seem pretty clued up on all that is Krakow, so I'd say give them a go. Hope that helps and enjoy your stay in this great city! Legendary

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Apr 23rd, 2008

thanks very much for that, mate. this site is excellent for information on what to do and how to do it. cant wait to go back in two days.

- Posted by stevie4747 from Poland on May 1st, 2008

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