Restaraunts in Krakow

Just had a weekend in Krakow, cafes and restaraunts in old town excellent, good service no one taking advantage of tourists. Had fantastic lunch two days at Ariel in Kasimeriz great value excellent food. Pimiento steak house, over priced poor quality meat, incredibly expensive, reminded three times that service was not included. Pepe Rosso very rude no tables for two on Sunday evening despite empty restaraunt. Highlight of the weekend Kuchina and Wino ---- fantastic service, brilliant food, excellent value. Loved Krakow, fablous city, kind people, very polite, trams are great, Hotel Ester exceptional. We will return and complete our understanding and education about your great city. Thanks

- Posted by briggsy from Poland on Apr 19th, 2008

Strange, I've never been a fan of Ariel and haven't been there for years - might give it another go. Have been to Pimento and found the steak very good, but I agree pretty pricey. Glad to hear you are coming back soon! Cheers, Jabber

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Apr 24th, 2008

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