peanut and tree nut allergies

I have a teenage son who would love to come to Poland and visit. He has an extreme peanut and tree nut allergy. I am concerned about food and what he will eat when he is there for a week. Please tell me what should I look for and ask about>

- Posted by Andrew Jurek on Jan 2nd, 2020

Hey Andrew, he really shouldn't have a problem here, it's no different to most other western countries when it comes to this. Nut allergies are common and all pre-packaged food should by law have a warning label on it if it contains nuts. Also, if he asks in any restaurants they will surely take it very seriously and ensure he orders a safe meal. It's often noted on the menu itself. Especially if he is coming to Krakow or Warsaw, these are big, modern, multicultural cities and there is a huge range of foods on offer here. He will be able to find loads of options without trouble and behave as he normally would with his extreme allergy - simply with caution, being sure to ask before he eats. Most traditional Polish foods (pierogi, kielbasa, zapikanka, many soups etc) are nut free. the sweet stuff, however, he will need to be careful with as Polish desserts use nuts a lot. There are lots of health food stores which will also probably stock items specifically for people with nut allergies. And again, you can also find all the usual international foods. From pizza and pasta, steak, chicken, fries, burgers, salads and sandwiches to Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. Really almost anything. Alternatively, if he feels safer making his own food then there are big well stocked supermarkets which again sell just about everything you would have in your own country. Most people in the bigger cities speak English but he can learn or write down and show the waiter this Polish phrase "Mam powazna allergia na orzechy" - "I have a serious nut allergy". and also "czy to zawiera orzechy" - "does this contain nuts?"

- Posted by george on Jan 2nd, 2020

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