Visiting Poland

I am planning a trip to Poland next year (September). My grandmother was born in Cieklin (South), and I was wondering if any buses go there and if so where would they leave from. Will probably fly into and stay in Krakow. Any info would be very helpful. Thank You

- Posted by Joe from United States on Sep 30th, 2019

Hi Joe, it's absolutely possible. When you arrive, head to Krakow Main Bus Station. You can take a bus to Jasło with SAN-BUS or BARBARA bus lines (ask at the ticket counter, they will help you find the right bus and the timetable). From Jaslo, you can catch a bus to Cieklin. If it's not obvious where to go or what the timetables say, locals will always be happy to help :) You will have so much fun, it's great to explore the Polish countryside like this!

- Posted by Editor on Oct 1st, 2019

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