White Christmas?

Hi, I have been to Krakow some years ago and would like to bring my husband back with me this time. We have never had a white Christmas so would love to spend it in Krakow hoping it will be snowing. Does it usually snow then?

- Posted by J from Australia on Sep 24th, 2019

Hey, great choice for christmas :) It snows here on Christmas sometimes but it's hard to predict as the weather is totally crazy these days - the seasons get all mixed up. Currently there is snow predicted for that week but who knows. If you want 100% garuntee of snow, you should spend your christmas in the spectacular nearby Tatra mountains or any of the beautiful mountainous areas surrounding Krakow which sit at a higher elevation and get lots of snow much earlier. It would be a seriously fairytale like experience. The nature is incredibly beautiful and there are loads of lovely little wooden cabins with wood burning fires you can rent for privacy or gorgeous hotels and charming guesthouses many historical and wooden with jacuzzis overlooking the mountain ranges. You can stay in the mountain city of Zakopane if you want to be closer to all the shops and stuff, but personally i think the smaller towns and villages are much more charming and still have loads to do. Skiing, snowboarding, iceskating, hiking or simply enjoying warm meals and hot wine while looking out at the view with a book or peaceful walks through surreal snowy forest. Really can't recommend this enough. As an Australia myself I understand the dream of a snowy Christmas and trust me - you won't regret heading just a few hours outside of Krakow (loads of cheap busses and trains). It might just be the best christmas of your entire life... but i'd look into booking soon as it's very popular and everything will be fully booked pretty soon.

- Posted by Editor on Sep 25th, 2019

Thank you so much for your quick response. Gives us something to plan for, Kind regards J.

- Posted by Guest on Sep 27th, 2019

My pleasure. Let me know if you have any more questions ;)

- Posted by Editor on Sep 30th, 2019

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