evening dinner on 24th and 25th December

hello we have decided to spend Christmas in Krakow having visiting earlier this year and loved it - we would like to know the best restaurants for dinner so we can book now and relax in the knowledge that we have dinner booked

- Posted by Karen on Sep 23rd, 2019

Most places are closed but there are quite a few which stay open and have special meals. We research each year to list these for travellers. This article is from 2018 but we will be updating it in October for 2019 after contacting Krakow's restaurants to see who is open and what their deals are. Most of the restaurants who were open last christmas will be open this year as well so feel free to contact them before we update, or check back in a month or so for new info. "Restaurants in Krakow open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day": local-life.com/krakow/articles/restaurants-krakow-open-christmas

- Posted by Editor on Sep 23rd, 2019

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