Amber leaf

Hi can you buy Amber leaf tobacco in krackow and if so how much. Thanks

- Posted by Lisa on Sep 3rd, 2019

Hi, yeah you can buy pretty much most tobaccos, including amber, at the tobacco stores. Theres one in Stary Kleparz fresh food market, behind the tramstop of ul. Karmelicka, next to Teatr Bagatela, also one in kazimierz called smoke god, one in the old town on ul. szewska... just to name a few.

- Posted by Guest on Sep 3rd, 2019

Many thanks 4 ur reply

- Posted by Guest on Sep 3rd, 2019

How much is amber leaf in krakow now as haven’t been for a long time

- Posted by Frances on Feb 17th, 2020

like 25zl?

- Posted by Guest on Feb 18th, 2020

not shown