Hello to all of you. I will come to Krakow in November and i would Like to ask If you know some good pubs with Rock ormusic

- Posted by Guest on Aug 26th, 2019

*some good pubs with Rock or Jazz music. Also If you know a place that have live music. Thank you!

- Posted by Guest on Aug 26th, 2019

Great places to go for live music: Alchemia (all kinds of music, but lots of rock and jazz, amazing venue), Piekny Pies (rock & metal, experimental) rock, Warsztat (hardcore, rock, punk & dub), Klub RE (rock, pop, electro), Strefa (rock, pop, jazz, ethno), Cafe szafe (jazz, pop, rock, ethno), Harris Piano Jazz Bar (has free jazz nights and concerts every night)... these are some of the best and have music most often

- Posted by Kate on Aug 26th, 2019

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