Can a Pole help or suggest, my Camera bag left in Uber cab

Hello, I am an Indian citizen. I was in Krakow 2 weeks back for an official business trip. I landed here on late Sunday night/very early Monday morning(28th July). I booked a cab to reach my apartment in Rakowicka. When I reached there I left my cab with my luggage to check the place at reception, after confirming I came back to cab and driver got my luggage out. It was quite dark and after traveling whole day and due to tiredness I skipped checking my backpack in the car. It had a Sony professional camera(Sony A7 R3 with a lens) which is worth 5000 US dollars. I asked Uber to connect me to driver but Uber said they will contact driver themselves to inquire and later they said Driver is denying for keeping such a bag. But I am sure that bag was there and same can be confirmed with CCTV footage at arrivals of airport and hotel gates. We had asked for CCTV footage of hotel but they are denying saying they don't have administration rights to share same. I had registered a complaint at nearby police station and I can attach the screenshot of complaint. Can someone please help me finding the bag as all the evidences are in place like CCTV footage, Uber driver details and baggage description. I can reproduce more data if it is required. It will be highly appreciable if someone responds on it. Thanks in anticipation, Ashish

- Posted by Ashish from India on Aug 12th, 2019

Do you have WhatsApp? So that we can get in touch with you.

- Posted by Aleksejs on Aug 12th, 2019

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