Beware in Krakow.

Just returned to Australia after spending a few days in Krakow. We were Robbed in the apartment we rented on Florinska street during the night or early hours of the morning. So be careful if renting from a company called Downtown apartments we feel they may have played a part in the robbery. The theives were quick and took my purse and cash from my son's bag. Dont think I'll be returning to that city ever again. Leaves a sour tast in your mouth.

- Posted by mickymouse from Poland on Apr 18th, 2008

Really sad to hear about this - I wonder if you left your door unlocked by any chance? I would seriously doubt that the apartment rental company would be involved in this. Did they call the police? What other support were you given?

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Apr 18th, 2008

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