Маршрут Из Аэропорта До Аллеи Покою, 7

Привет, может кто-то знает как лучше всего добраться из Аэропорта до ул. Аллея Покою, 7 (остановка Francesco Nullo)

- Posted by аня from Poland on Jul 11th, 2019

You can use a website called jakdojade.pl - it shows all train, tram and bus connections. You can catch a fast train to the centre of krakow, the main train station, and then catch tram number 50 or 14. But it will be much easier for you if you just look at jakdojade. it shows you the path on a map and exactly which stop to go to and get off at and even where to walk after.

- Posted by josh on Jul 11th, 2019

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