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Hello. I want to see Wawel Castle, and I need to book a hotel close to the train station and Wawel. How far is Wawel from the train station please? Google is not helping! Just confusing with the different train stations. Thanks.

- Posted by Nikki from Australia on Apr 1st, 2019

Hi Nikki :) The main train station is not very far from Wawel Castle at all, about 2 km. You will be on one end of the Old Town and Wawel is at the other. It's easily walkable and infact a highly recommended walk because the old town and the park surrounding it are absolutely gorgeous, especially in this lovely spring weather. You won't feel any distance, you'll be too busy looking around. There are plenty of hotels in and surrounding the Old Town. Don't worry, mate.

- Posted by Editor on Apr 1st, 2019

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