Hello! I am coming to Krakow on Sunday for 4 days and have been told mixed information about changing money prior to going. Is it worth me changing them in Krakow (being cautious of the scams) or is it best to do it before coming. Also there's an England game on Monday and my partner is desperate to watch it so where would be likely to show it? Any hints and tips are much appreciated! Can't wait to visit :)

- Posted by Rhiannon on Mar 22nd, 2019

Look, honestly it doesn't matter where you do it. There are good and bad exchange rates in both countries. It's more convenient to arrive at your destination with local currency in your pocket, though. But it's not a big deal. there are only two things to look out for, in any country, when exchanging money. 1) Most important thing is to google what the exchange rate is. This changes every day on the internet and the currency exchange places (called KANTOR in Poland) normally follow it. They will have their daily rates on a board or screen inside/outside their shop. Check the rates and the closer to the one on the internet, the better! Today, for instance it 1 pound to buy 5 zloty. So if you see 1 pound for 4.50zl, it's a bad rate. 1 pound for 4.98zl, very good rate. Just google it and you'll be fine. ---- 2) watch out for hidden 'taxes' or fees that the exchange place can sneakily add to the price. All you have to do to avoid this and ask first if there are any kind of extra fees before you exhange your money. A small fee can be okay, but just do the math and be aware of how much money they are taking off the side. It should be none or only a little.

- Posted by Editor on Mar 25th, 2019

As for football - you can watch the game at many places around Krakow. We can recommend SuperNowa in Kazimierz for cool people, good prices, great food & drinks, Bania Luka in old town for the cheapest Polish drinks & food and lively student atmosphere, Football Heaven Sports Bar (name says it all), Irish Pub Pod Papugami in the old town... the list goes on. You'll be fine.

- Posted by Editor on Mar 25th, 2019

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