1st of May in Krakow and general stuff

Hei! I am planning to visit Krakow during 1st of May and would like to know how the locals usually celebrate it? Furthermore I would like to know what kind of punk/ug-scene (clubs, venues, record stores) could be found in Krakow? Thanks in advance for your answers :)

- Posted by Anne from Finland on Mar 12th, 2019

Hey Anne :) Here May 1st is Labour Day, a public holiday (so some shops/museums/etc might be closed) called 'Majowka'. The 3rd of May is another public holiday (Constitution Day), so, most people take a week off work. As the 1st falls on a Wednesday and the 3rd on a Friday, many offices will just close up and let their employees have a nice long holiday weekend, and even if they dont close, it's pretty normal and acceptable for everyone to take it off anyway - or even longer. People go on holiday locally or overseas, go to climb in the nearby mountains or relax in the gorgeous villages surrounding Krakow. The weather will be beautiful around this time and those left in Krakow will just be relaxing in the many parks and forests, swimming in the lakes, having parties etc. It's a great time to come! In terms of a punk scene, we have a pretty lively one. For instance 'Warsztat' is a great place. Message Krakow's Punk ambassador, his name is 'Maciek Otrębski' on facebook and i'm sure he will give you the lowdown ;)

- Posted by Editor on Mar 13th, 2019

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- Posted by Hei Polen from Poland on Apr 1st, 2019

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