Wheelchair rental

Hi I'm bringing my father on a trip next month but he has severe lung problems which means he gets breathless easily. He's not a wheelchair user at home but he would need one to allow him to do the trip/ see the sights in Poland. Any comments about what is available would be appreciated as currently we are considering cancelling the trip.

- Posted by Nicola on Feb 17th, 2019

No need to cancel :) Why not just hire a wheelchair or mobility scooter? Krakow is very accessible and you will have a fantastic time. The famous Wieliczka Salt Mines even have a special wheelchair accessible route! Here is the London phone number for Mobility Equiptment Hire Direct: 0800 994 9000 . They rent out scooters and wheelchairs in Krakow and other cities too. However, I would caution that the air can be smoggy in the winter if that would be a problem for his lunchs.

- Posted by Andzrej on Feb 19th, 2019

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