Transport around Krakow

Hi. Due to visit in 3 weeks time. Was wondering about the use of public transport. Do you have to pay as you go, or are there any passes that allow multi journeys? Also approximate costs would be great. Will be there for 4 days. Thanks in advance.

- Posted by SteveC from United Kingdom on Feb 9th, 2019

Hi Steve :) All of these options are possible. The standard ticket lasts 20 mins and costs 2.80zł. For smaller amounts of time you can buy tickets for 40 mins for 3.80zl, 60 mins for 5zl, 90 mins for 6 zl. If you will catch lots of trams all over the place then you can buy a 24hrs day ticket for 15zl, a 48hrs 2 day ticket for 24zl or a 72hrs 3 day ticket for 36zl. Keep in mind that most of the stuff to see in Krakow is very small and walkable and exploring the streets is half the fun! Either way, don't worry too much about it. You can decide later. There are ticket machines on every tram (but remember to carry change as most only accept coins) and big machines which accept bank, visa etc cards at maybe a third of stops, but most major ones. Hope this helps!

- Posted by Katherine on Feb 15th, 2019

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