Things to do and places to eat on New Years Day in Krakow

Hi there, My family are visiting Krakow, arriving 1st January 2019. We understand it is a public holiday there but I was hoping to get some ideas on places to eat and things we can do for the day. Any ideas are very much welcome. Thanks, Ally

- Posted by Allyson Lees from Australia on Dec 5th, 2018

First of all congratulation you have planned a trip for a new year in Krakow .well there are many placs you can visit that are Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.

- Posted by Szymon Kurkiewicz from Poland on Dec 26th, 2018

on new years day, szymon? weird suggestion but okay. what about the christmas market or exploring the beautiful national parks or nearby mountains in snow, lots of ski slopes around krakow too

- Posted by Guest on Jan 9th, 2019

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