Person needed to assist proposal (paid)

Hey I'm hoping to propose to my girlfriend during our trip to Krakow (9th to the 13th December) and I want to make it extra special. So I'm trying to set up a treasure hunt type thing where she picks up hidden items with clues that finish in the market square where I propose to her. However I need a person to go a few minutes in advance to place the drops and give me advise on where's best to place things to avoid them being stolen/walking down the wrong kind of street. I'm willing to pay a full days pay (120 zloty I believe) for literally just a little advise and an hour of someone's night. I've tried contacting groups on FB but I have no idea where to find someone who would be willing to do this and speaks english. It would mean the world to me if someone could either do this for me or point me towards someone who could.

- Posted by Brandon Chesworth on Nov 2nd, 2018

Beautiful idea! I'm sure I can help you with that ;)

- Posted by Editor on Nov 6th, 2018

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