Sunday 21st October 2018.

Hello, Could you please assist me. I have heard that all shops will be closed this Sunday. We are arriving late Saturday night and was wondering where to buy food. Could I also ask will restaurants and bars be open. Thank you.

- Posted by Lorraine on Oct 17th, 2018

Hi Lorraine, thanks for your question. Yes, a new law has come into place stating that shops must close for 2 Sundays a month (the first and the last Sundays are normal). Restaurants, cafes and bars will all be operating as usual and you should have absolutely no trouble in finding many open untill very late in Kazimierz & the Old Town. There are plenty to choose from, including budget friendly ones. In regards to grocery stores - there are smaller convenience stores such as Zabka and Carrefour dotted frequently around the city - many of these avoid the Sunday closures through loopholes in the law, opening for business on Sunday mornings - sometimes until late afternoons. There will also be several larger grocery stores open until very late on Saturday night such as Carrefour and Biedronka in Galeria Krakowska (next to the train & bus station near the Old Town)

- Posted by Kasia on Oct 18th, 2018

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