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I was in Krakow Planty Park on August 12 and watched a music performance I loved so much. But I forgot to write down the name (so stupid of me). I took a video of the music and I really want to support them more by knowing their name please!!! It is a event of Kf(x), not busker. Music by 3 men, 1 play violin, 1play accordion, 1 control sound. Or where can I find out the event organisation please?

- Posted by Carina from Hong Kong on Sep 17th, 2018

It was probably a part of "Koncerty Promenadowe z #KFK w Altanie na Plantach" (Promenade Concerts with #KFK in the park gazebos". Was it in a gazebo? On the 12th was: "Kwartetu Altanowego" (Arbor Quartet) - selection of the most beautiful classical music compositions performed by a quartet composed of: Dominika Stanisz, Jola Majda, Karolina Piotrowska, Patrycja Sobczyk. But that's all women.

- Posted by Guest on Sep 18th, 2018

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