airport taxis

we come into the airport on Monday 21st April. should we PRE-BOOK A TAXI or can we hop into one when we arrive? Is there a difference in pricing? Thank you.

- Posted by yankee from Poland on Apr 17th, 2008

I suggest you arrange one in advance. There's not much difference in pricing, and at least if you order it in advance, you have a fixed price. If you take a taxi from the stand, prices might be higher than you imagined. You can book a taxi through this site (or just email: There's also a sort of shuttle train which goes about every 40 minutes, but it takes you to the train station, not directly to your hotel... have fun!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Apr 18th, 2008

I would thoroughly recomend you book with this site. The service is excellent, they are waiting when you arrive with your name on a board, the vehicles are very good and the drivers helpful. The price is as good as it gets and it is advisable to book your return trip with them when they pick you up as you will not get anything cheaper or more efficient. Have a great time.

- Posted by ritalewis from Poland on Apr 19th, 2008

Hi Yankee. I was in Krakow 10 days ago for my stag do and can hopefully help you with this query. Are you flying into Krakow Balice Airport? If so, follow the signs to the train station as you leave the arrivals terminal and you have a 3 minute straight walk down to the shuttle train which goes direct into Krakow. There is also a bus which will take you the short distance to it. 6 zloty each way. Great value. Frequent service. Hope you enjoy Krakow. We did. Going back in September this year. Leeroy - UK

- Posted by leeroy from Poland on Apr 19th, 2008

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