Lent traditions where to buy dried mushrooms

Hello, I read somewhere about a Lent tradition in Krakow that children make paper witches and stomp them? I can't find the article now, can you help with some information? Second, Where can I buy some dried Polish mushrooms? Will I find them at a supermarket or do I need to go to a special store.

- Posted by Charmin from Sweden on Mar 11th, 2018

Hi Charmin :) You can buy dried mushrooms in many locations. They sell them in most supermarkets as well as in little fruit & vegetable stores all over the city. However, for the best selection of dried Polish mushrooms, we would recommend that you pay a visit to traditional open air market Stary Kleparz (ul.Krowoderska 22/5) which can be found just outside of the old town. As for the witch stomping lent tradition, I've asked around and had a google but I'm sorry to say that nobody has heard of this! Do you have any other information which might help me? There is another Polish tradition called "Marzanna" where we construct a woman of straw (who represents winter), a parade walks her to the river where the straw woman is "drowned", initiating the seasons changing to Spring time.

- Posted by Editor from Poland on Mar 12th, 2018

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