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As mentioned in an earlier post imheading to Krakow in June for a stag do. Just wondering if there would be any problem oif we dressed the stag up? at the moment its looking like daafy from little britain the only gay in the village... Please advise if you have any opinions on if this wouldnt go down well? we aint a loud group just there for a laugh

- Posted by lander19 from Poland on Apr 15th, 2008

Hey again! Sounds like your stag is in for quite a weekend! British blokes dressed up in costumes is not a new thing to Krakow, but is still quite rare and the older locals don't particularly get the joke, but you'll certainly get a few laughs and stares from the younger generation! If you want to get him properly, then get him kidnapped, Russian mafia style! As I said on your other thread, my friend Kasia would be able to help you have a great weekend! Have fun with your costumes!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Apr 15th, 2008

yes, yes, what a top idea... dress up as a stereotypical gay in Catholic country and come to a city that is already suffering from being overrun by those whacky Brits in crayzzeeeee costumes. If you really have to make complete tits of yourselves, why don't you do those of us who live here, and have to witness hoards of Daffyds every weekend, a big favour and come up with something original and, dare I say it, witty?

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Apr 15th, 2008

thanks for the input there spoony but if you can appreaciate im actually trying to sort things before we go and asking for a bit of advice rather than being shot down in flames. Aim asking because none of thje people going have been to the place before.... therefore i have asked for advice rather than jumping in feet first... if you live there thenn your the ideal kind of person id like to speak to... is my email. any pointers would be great

- Posted by lander19 from Poland on Apr 16th, 2008

I think Spoony is just venting the frustration that those of us that live here all feel when we see stag groups coming over and making tits of themselves. Then the rest of us get tarnished with the same brush and reputation that they create! We all enjoy a good time, but just remember that the alcohol may be cheaper here but it's also a much higher volume and sold in half litre glasses and not pints, so you're going to get slaughtered much quicker and the local constabulary will take great pleasure at giving you a night in their cells at the cost of at least 250 PLN! Sure you'll have a great time over here, but would indeed be good to see something original if you're going to go down the costume route!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Apr 17th, 2008

chhers again legendary and thats the scenario im tryiong to avoid... to be honest the lads who are coming over 13 of us are all sensible and just want to have a laugh, the last thing we want to do is offend any locals or be looked upon as a mindless mob of english people there just to get slaughtered etc. A few of us about 4 of the group are mid 40's early 50's and the youngest will be 25. the whole idea why i posted on here was to get some feedback and im pleased i have done so... if you wnat something original i can certainly try that but im pretty clueless as to what the norm that you see is? I did quite like the idea of a giant bannana costume lol. legendary if you wanna mail me my addy is on one of tehse posts... i have also sent a mail to your friend but no response as yet

- Posted by lander19 from Poland on Apr 17th, 2008

Hi Lander19 - good to see that you're at least making the effort to find out about the city (and potential reaction) before you arrive - if you're all a decent bunch, you will have a great time (whatever the stag is wearing!) and the locals will be cool about it. Cracow is a relaxed city - well-behaved drunks are welcome! Enjoy!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Apr 18th, 2008

cheers jabber! Im just hoping to get a bit advice to make sure everything goes well :o) i know what soem groups are liek when they go away for a stag do

- Posted by lander19 from Poland on Apr 18th, 2008

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