I am looking to remodel an old apartment in Krakow, Poland. It needs a new bathroom, kitchen, floors..etc. Can any recommend an honest and reliable company, carpenter or contractor for the job? Thank you

- Posted by Terri from United States on Oct 28th, 2017

Several years ago, my partner and I remodelled an old apartment in Krakow and it's absolutely beautiful now as well as a fantastic investment financially. However, unfortunately, I cant recommend a contractor as although ours did a good job... it was when he got around to it and simple things that should have taken 2 days took 2 months just because he would suddenly become 'busy' and it was always always that he would finish this or that 'tomorrow', which never happened. There are still a lot of little things around our apartment which never got finished. Which 3 years later he still says 'tomorrow' about. I think this is quite a classic experience with a contractor in just about any country and I would suggest that you be prepared to grill your potential contractor and make sure you get real promises of dates and time frames. ...Or if you're not in a hurry anyway just be prepared to be very very patient with the work being done. ALso it can be a lot of fun to do it yourself! Sorry i can't recommend our contractor, however we did have a rather excellent carpenter who designed our wooden staircase, if youre interested.

- Posted by eleanor from Poland on Oct 30th, 2017

Thank you for your reply. Are you able to get consistent renters? Did you go to a property management company to manage the apartment, renting, maintenance,legal lease agreements..etc? Any information is helpful. Thank you, Terri

- Posted by Terri from United States on Oct 30th, 2017

Hi Terri, we have just had our kitchen in Krakow completely redone and they did a super job. If you want me to refer to the people who did the work, please let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

- Posted by Mark from Poland on Nov 2nd, 2017

HI Mark, Yes, if you could provide their names that would be great. I am looking to do the bathroom as well. Do they do bathroom too? Dzienkuje! Terri

- Posted by Terri from United States on Nov 9th, 2017

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