Sukiennice to become parking garage!

I just heard some terrible news! Apparently, because of the bad traffic problems in the Old Town centre, and because Plac Szczepanski is being converted from a parking lot to a proper square, the city of Krakow has had to find new parking solutions for residents of the Rynek. Unfortunately, that means that the beautiful and historic Sukiennice (Cloth Hall), which at the moment houses an exquisite collection of 19th century Polish art, as well as a whole ground hall of souvenir stands, will have to be levelled. The city believes that because no actual Krakow resident has been known to enter the building, residents will not even notice that the Sukiennice will be levelled and a concrete parking garage will be put in its place. However, I think all visitors to the city and ex-pats should organize a protest against this terrible plan. Anybody with me?

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Apr 1st, 2008

i think only the ancient cellars and going to be destroyed and the carpark will actually be underground - the reasoning being that this space is simply not used at the moment.

- Posted by badger from Poland on Apr 1st, 2008

yes, but it's still a tragedy! oh, and ps - april fool's =)

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Apr 1st, 2008

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