Meeting places

Hello all. I'm thinking of visiting Krakow alone in June '08. I'm wondering if there are any good places (bars/cafes) that are frequented by single people in their 20s, 30s & 40s of all nationalities. I'm not looking for loud boozy clubs. Perhaps the locals know of some good, more laid back venues where they go. Mind you, if, as has been said by others here, speaking English in Krakow provokes a negative response from the locals, perhaps it's better not to go at all.

- Posted by LeicsJon from Poland on Mar 29th, 2008

kazimierz is great. You'll find loads of nice little arty bars there and lots of nice people. Visit Alchemia- its kind of cosy . Youre bound to meet people in there. There arent really too many rowdy chavvie places anyway, its a nice pub scene here- just explore!

- Posted by loopyo from Poland on Mar 30th, 2008

I don't think speaking English necessarily meets with a bad response - only if you are conforming to a certain stereotype.

- Posted by badger from Poland on Apr 1st, 2008

I've been living in Krakow for six months, Leicester before that I guess you too by the name. If you are prepared to go out in Leicester on a Saturday night then you will have no problem here, most bars have a Braunstone Gate kind of a feel. It'll help if you can say at least hello, goodbye, please, thanks and beer in Polish - the locals appreciate us trying and I can't say I blame the usually friendly bar staff from being a bit put out when people don't try a word or two in the local language.

- Posted by krakocaster from Poland on Apr 15th, 2008

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