Beware of line4you ticket sales on Krakow Airport website

Hi all Just wanted to make as many people aware as possible about an issue I have had with who have the quite fortunate position of being Krakow airports' official ticketing agency on their website's flight search. I booked two flights (connecting) through their website on the 22/3/08 for a trip back from Krakow to Greece (via Vienna & Rome) in June for a very good friends weekend reunion. I have approx 20 emails going backwards & forwards between them & I but the fundamental issue is that they sent me a "Confirmation Email" confirming that my reservation was "successful & complete", so, on the strength of that I went on to book 4 more flights & an overnight hotel (complicated itinerary to get from Greece on specific days) at a cost of over 500 EUR, all of which were non refundable (low cost airlines) 3 hours later they send me an email saying that my credit card had been declined & that I should re-do my reservation, then I discover that the fare I got had doubled in the course of 3 hours, hence open long dispute with them as they would not honour the booking. Incidentally I used the same card for the 4 other flights & the hotel!!! After contacting Barclaycard customer services (not wishing to be fobbed off that easily) they confirmed that they never received a request for payment, which confirmed my suspicions that their system mucked up & got the price wrong & they decided to try & bull*it me about a card being declined. The situation hasn't been resolved & I am now sitting with 4 other flights which now dont work for me as I now dont have the other 2 flights to get me to where I need to be to catch the other flights. Just all be beware if you book through these guys as their email telling you that all is ok & confirmed may just not be!!

- Posted by ranger from Poland on Mar 28th, 2008

That's a horrible experience - I wish you good luck in sorting it out... generally I personally only book flights with people like easyjet or wizz air, BA etc. Sounds like they cocked up big time. I suggest you also complain to the airport itself if these services are being offered through their site....

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Mar 28th, 2008

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Guaranteed these sharks got that concession on the airport site because of some backhander, or 'cause their uncle runs the travel agency. Corruption - it's still a big problem in Poland...

- Posted by soccerstar from Poland on Mar 28th, 2008

wow, that really sucks, but i'm not surprised. this is why i never do my flight bookings through an agency, but directly from the airline or from sites like or something like that - it's not that difficult to figure everything out on your own (hint: for finding the best cheap flight connections, i use, they have all the current connections). next time book the flights on your own, and use agents for stuff like hotels because then you can get much better discounts than going through the hotel websites!

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Apr 2nd, 2008

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