Respect your hosts

Dear visitors, remember to pack politeness & appropriate manners when visiting Cracow. I won't forget an English-speaking women hurrying me up in the toilet! Not to mention drunk English & German guys behaving nasty to Polish girls! Terrible! Invest in respect to your hosts, please.

- Posted by Maria from Poland on Jun 7th, 2017

I'm English speaking (not English though... anyone who cannot speak Polish well would speak English in Poland as in modern times it's used as a connective language between a world which speaks A LOT of languages...even you wrote in English today so that more people would understand you) and a few weeks ago a Polish speaking person hurried me up in the toilet. I was also hurried in a toilet in Belarus. I've been hurried up in the toilet by many nationalities in many countries. I've also seen many many nationalities (including Polish) being drunk and being nasty to their own and other nationalities. People should be kind and respectful to each other everywhere. NOT stereotyping races (or language groups? You are confusing) is one of the ways we can be more respectful. We are one world, one human race and a separatist mindset like this will only strengthen those invisible lines creating hate and war. Every country has drunks, racists, rude people, mean people etc.... but every country also has sober people, nice people, loving people, kind people, thoughtful people.... and everyone is complex. You cannot whittle a person down to these labels I have just mentioned. People are also flexible and capable of change but that usually comes through love, not through hate, judgement or labelling. This makes people defensive, makes them rebel against positive change. So please, if you want tourists to be respectful to their hosts, then be respectful to the tourists.... and to all people.... and let down some of these lines you have seperating the human and human into 'my kind' and 'other kind'. There really is no my kind and other kind.

- Posted by Lisa from Netherlands on Apr 3rd, 2018

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