congrats to the lovely hospitable bus inspector who fined my 74 year old friend 300 slotys for getting on the wrong tram and retaining her passport until paid even though she offered her return this the way you treat elderly brits in your country,it makes me sick to hear this story.

- Posted by Guest from United Kingdom on Oct 19th, 2016

something similar happened to me. Got bus and did not stamp ticker was fined about 120 zloty i think. how are you suppose to know???

- Posted by Guest from Poland on Nov 4th, 2016

INTERESTED IN THIS INCIDENT, I am 74 years of age and travelling to Poland in January, As senior citizen can I buy a concession ticket for the trams? Having said that, I hope I do not have the same unfortunate experience!

- Posted by patrick fleming from Ireland on Nov 6th, 2016