st paddy's in krakow

Hallo, anybody wise to the Irish bars in krakow? Will be there on 17th march and wonder if they are crap or good. Also, any tips on mid price range accommodation would be appreciated. Tzieki

- Posted by dagger from Poland on Feb 1st, 2008

nic nowego and irish embassy are best. nic nowego is low-key and clean, good for meeting up with the polish girl that you will meet online before you arrive. the embassy is good for groups and watching sports and being obnoxious in general.

- Posted by thekaz from Poland on Feb 3rd, 2008

thanks for the advice

- Posted by dagger from Poland on Feb 5th, 2008

i've dropped by nic nowego for the past two st. patrick's, and it seems two years ago it was quite rowdy, whereas last year it seemed dead before even 2 in the morning and it was mostly empty. who knows what will happen this year though, it's still a good place to go in general.

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Feb 7th, 2008

In Nic Nowego they will seve you a good GUINNESS with a clover leaf drawn into the froth. After that, I don't remember much, except that it's a good place with suprisingly decent food too. Accommodation - try Hotel Saski or Hotel Atrium.... Regards, jabber

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Feb 7th, 2008

Went to Nic Nowego this year for St. Paddy's day in Krakow, and what a great night! Fantastic craic! The bar was packed, Guiness was flowing and everyone was having a great time! Will definitely be back there next year!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Mar 20th, 2008

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