Travel concession for over 70's EU citizens.

Can anyone confirm that as an Irish citizen (or EU citizen) over 70 that I would be entitled to a fare concession on krakow city transport?

- Posted by from Ireland on Dec 5th, 2015

Hi Patrick, The regulations say nothing about nationality, just that you need to present any valid ID with a photo to confirm your age, but I'm afraid the free rides on Krakow public transport may apply only to Polish citizens, and not those from other EU countries. Anyway, I wouldn' like a row with the ticket inspector to spoil your stay in Krakow - they can be very strict and unpleasant with foreigners, as many tourists don't validate their tickets and thus don't pay for their rides. Hope this helps! Regards, Editor

- Posted by Guest from Poland on Dec 9th, 2015

Under the EU regulations, unless a dispensation is applied for and granted, the same rules should apply to all EU citizens. Voting rights on national elections in other EU member states is one exception that I'm aware of. The problem might be not your age or nationality but residency. If you're not a resident of Krakow, you probably cannot benefit from such concessions. Bus fares in Malta used to be a significantly lower for Maltese citizens until a couple of years ago. The EU Commission ruled that fares should be the same for all: authorities lowered them for all. Canary Island residents get concessionary sea/air transport between islands the islands but this has been granted by the EU and is available to all residents of the island from the EU member states.

- Posted by Russell from United Kingdom on Mar 20th, 2016

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