Fiat fun

I've heard rumours that you can buy a polish fiat (the small ones) for just over 500 this true? cracow life should rent fiats to foreigners like me who are dying to drive one of those things! Like...for 500zloty, most foreigners could pay for it if they trash it! 2 Fast 2 Furious!!!! Like, the saftey of Polish Roads is so bad that crazy Brits in Fiats would probably improve the situation.

- Posted by yeahVaUlt from Poland on Sep 22nd, 2005

that is true ! and i can paint for you lovely green color

- Posted by babelka from Poland on Sep 22nd, 2005

hey - very good idea! it might be a real tourist attraction..

- Posted by borek.m2 from Poland on Sep 23rd, 2005

for a nice one you nedd at least 1500zies +insurances, and green color???yes! check to see gree cracow-life's FIAT

- Posted by Crazy_Mike from Poland on Sep 28th, 2005

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