meet up

Hey! I'm curious if anyone from Scotland living in Krakow? I am asking because this particular place is close to my heart :) but I would be more than happy to meet up with anybody speaking English. instead - my Polish or coffee/beer and a lot of strange stories!

- Posted by Łucja from Poland on Nov 9th, 2015

I'm not from scotland but would like to speak english with someone.

- Posted by lukas from Poland on Nov 10th, 2015

Hej Lukas, where are u from? my e-mail: pm me and I'm sure we can meet for some talk :)

- Posted by Łucja from Poland on Nov 15th, 2015

Hi I am from scotland and work in Tychy. 40 yr old guy with some life stories to talk about.

- Posted by Mark from United Kingdom on Mar 9th, 2016

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