We will be staying in the Kazimieriz district. Is Wawel hill and the old town within walking distance i.e 30 min walk?

- Posted by kerrijo from Poland on Jan 10th, 2008

Yeah, just around the corner about 5 mins walk. Kazimierz is my neighbourhood - it's cracking, you'll love it.

- Posted by anglogeezer from Poland on Jan 17th, 2008

Kazimierz is a lot less touristy than the Old Town. 20 minute easy walking to the Rynek with lots to see on the way.

- Posted by Prawda from Poland on Jan 23rd, 2008

Also check out the PODGORZE district. There are one or two cool cafes and restaurants there, plus the STARMACH Gallery. Very few tourists too, so you will get a good flavour of the real Poland. Have a look at www.podgorze.pl for more information about this district. There is quite a bit of info on that site in English if you dig around...

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Jan 23rd, 2008

Cheers I will look into it. :)

- Posted by kerrijo from Poland on Jan 24th, 2008

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