Cost of "Stuff" In Poland!

Hi everyone! I am due in Krakow in February and I was looking for some information on the cost of stuff. Ive seen lots of websites with costs for bread etc but what about other things such as alcohol, clothing, electronics, sportswear etc etc. What is the average prices in comparison to the rest of europe and where is the cheapest shops/malls selling quality stuff at good prices? Any info appreciated!

- Posted by dazgen from Poland on Dec 18th, 2007

Just returned from our first visit, we will certainly be going again soon. Alcohol much cheper in Poland than here or airport, clothing did not appear to be any cheaper.Hope you have a great time, in fact I know you will.

- Posted by ritaml from Poland on Dec 18th, 2007

The best places to look for all this kind of stuff are the two main shopping malls - Galeria Krakowska (next to the railway station) and Galeria Kazimierz.

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Dec 18th, 2007

Thanks for the replies guys. Anybody who reads this please feel free to comment. Also if anybody can reccomend bars/clubs/restaurants? Im looking for the wow factor so if it costs a little more in terms of restaurants and clubs etc feel free to give me some information?

- Posted by dazgen from Poland on Dec 18th, 2007

You will be spoilt for choice for bars, clubs and restaurants. The Old Square has some great bars and clubs with lots of character and a good variety of entertainment. Remember to look down alleyways and cellars as these are the most traditional.Try the cheap Polish Vodka, better than what we pay loads for.

- Posted by ritaml from Poland on Dec 20th, 2007

HI Im going over in feb too and am having the same problem. everyone says its ace out there but know one seems to know how much stuff costs!! have a good time folks

- Posted by minor27uk from Poland on Jan 23rd, 2008

Beer - 7 zloty in a bar, 2.5 zloty from an off-license. Meal at a cheap restaurant - 15 zloty. Taxi for 10 minutes - 10 zloty. Hope that helps!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Mar 20th, 2008

The Polish zloty has become very strong against the other major currencies recently (esp US dollar and GB pound) so things are not that cheap for visitors any more. Example - pint of Guinness in a bar is around 12 zloty (or around £2.70) ! Still, if you search around, there are places to eat and drink very well at reasonable cost....!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Mar 28th, 2008

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