went to krakow about seven years ago in early august . stayed at the wyspianky hotel $65 a nitefor single just off the square. lot of "street theatre" and entertainers. its like new Orleans in lot of ways. food and hotel costs were most reasonable . one can usually find someone who speaks English if you have difficulty. czestichowa is worth the trip as well as the bus ride to Auschwitz and the salt minei. reget not seeing the local national park and the huta complex and workers apartment., koscziuskos mound and shooting a Kalashnikov at the the military museum. there is also a trip to the tatras mountains. I would go back in a minute. incidientally I now see where there is an a.m. flite to Krakow that would make the time adjustment from the u.s. more reasonable. we hired a guide with Mercedes van to take us to brzana gorna 50 miles south.... my fathers birthplace.

- Posted by bernie from United States on Apr 27th, 2015