A new Polish public holiday has been announced this week for 13th April 2008. This is to commemorate 22,000 Polish officers massacred and buried in three mass graves in WW2 (Katyn, Mednoye & Kharkov). My father, brother & myself wish to visit as my grandfather was executed and buried in the mass grave in Mednoye. (This site was only excavated in the 1994). We never knew of his fate until 1998 when I received a copy of his death warrant signed by Stalin. My elderly father wishes to pay his respects to his father and say his own goodbye to Poland. Does anyone know of any organised events, planned reunions or memorial services, etc., to mark this day? Is anyone else planning to visit like us? I would be so pleased to hear from you. Dziekuje.

- Posted by gwizdak from Poland on Nov 17th, 2007

I don't know any details about the day specifically, but knowing Poland I'm sure it'll be a big affair, especially since it's such a tragic event. You should definitely come and pay your respects, and chances are there will be many here like you doing the same.

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Nov 29th, 2007

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