were to stay

were is the best place and area to stay.we are looking for a very lively weekend

- Posted by fireman from Poland on Sep 21st, 2005

first time to krakow? stay as close to the old town as possible. you won't be lacking of things to do - that's for sure. this site does a great job of giving you plenty of options... so just look around. if you've already been here once or twice, try staying in kazimierz, podgorze or closer to the student district, north of the old town. if you're really hardcore. stay in nowa huta!

- Posted by marcin from Poland on Sep 21st, 2005

I agree. Choose the Old Town. Tons to do in that area, so you won't get bored! Kazimierz is good for a bit of drinking, but not to use as a base, IMHO

- Posted by emperor from Poland on Sep 21st, 2005

check GLOBTROTER, really niec place and budget

- Posted by Crazy_Mike from Poland on Sep 28th, 2005

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