Krakow visit with Children

Hi we are visiting Krakaw for 3 days in October. We are bringing our children aged 10 and 13 with us. Would welcome any advice on interesting places for us to visit with them. Also child friendly restaurants. Want it to be an education for them. Should we visit Auswich? Thanks for all advice.

- Posted by gracie from Poland on Oct 6th, 2007

My friends came to visit last year with 4 kids and loved it. The water park and Wieliczka salt mine went down a treat, as did ice skating on Blonie (only in freezing weather though). Del Papa didn't freak out when faced with feeding 4 hungry and fractious under 10's either... As for Auschwitz, they recommend that kids under 13 don't go, but it's up to you.

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Oct 7th, 2007

you should check out some places on the krakow for kids page:

- Posted by djsilence from Poland on Oct 24th, 2007

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