Cracow December eating

We're going to Cracow in early December for about a week. Can anyone help with the following: 1. We love eating, but not paying too much, any suggestions? My Partner is a Veggie, I'm not. 2. Anyone any experience of the appartments: Janexin on Karmelica 11. 3. What todays price for a cab from the airport should be to the address above Thanks to all

- Posted by terryellis from Poland on Sep 20th, 2005

You'll have no problem with eating well and cheaply* here: Cracow has a fantastic range of restaurants for all price ranges and the choice of dishes in each tends to be wide. There are also numerous veggie places. Can't help with your other queries sadly but i'm sure someone else here can. * A lovely bit steak at one of the more pricy restaurants will set you back about 27PLN - £5. You can also get entire meals for 2 for that price at cheaper places.

- Posted by Zapols from Poland on Sep 20th, 2005

oh yeah. you'll find everything from the fancy-pants to the barely-wearing-pants around this town. a little pricier, but worth it: Szabla i Szklanka. cheap and tasty: pierogarnia. best bang for the buck: Placki po Wegiersku at Gospoda on Plac Szczepanski. so good...

- Posted by marcin from Poland on Sep 21st, 2005

oh yeah, and the cab prices: depending on the company, time of day/night and whether or not you're using a special service, you'll pay from about 40 to 70 zl. (7-11 GBP)

- Posted by marcin from Poland on Sep 21st, 2005

Good place to eat cheap - POLAKOWSKI - there's one in Kazimierz and one in the Old Town. But even the more expensive restaurants here are, by UK standards, incredibly cheap! Enjoy!

- Posted by emperor from Poland on Sep 21st, 2005

there's a great salad bar w/lots of veg options near the square off sw. anny street (right side when coming from square) but i cant remember the name

- Posted by kriminal from Poland on Sep 21st, 2005

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