Euro 2012

With the great news that Poland and Ukraine's joint bid to host Euro 2012 was successful, I think this is great news for both countries. Especially, as it will mean that the infrastructure in both countries will need to improve in order to meet UEFA's expectations. I was wondering what other people think of the event coming to Poland. Any positives/negatives that anyone can think of.

- Posted by WelshGooner from Poland on Apr 20th, 2007

I am so disappointed that no games are planned for CRACOW! How can this be? Surely the Wisla Krakow stadium is big enough for some of the group games? PLUS, Cracow has a lot more accommodation for visitors than some of the other cities that have been chosen! Is there any chance that there might be a last-minute change of heart and Cracow gets to host some matches ???!!!!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Apr 20th, 2007

Jabber, totally agree that Kraków should be hosting games. It's Poland's best city for tourism, so as you pointed out could easily cope with the demands that such an event would bring. Also Balice airport already has flights to and from all over Europe, which is more than what can be said for some of the other cities that will host games. The only plus point is that there will hopefully be no problems with hooligans. Imagine loads of drunken hooligans on the rampage in the old town? That would not be good.

- Posted by WelshGooner from Poland on Apr 26th, 2007

eh? where have you been? go have a walk round town on a Friday or Saturday night - the hoards of drunken (British) tourists are already here! We've got enough 'tourists' eager for a good time so let's not be greedy. Share the joy I say...

- Posted by spoony from Poland on Apr 27th, 2007

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