Polish for foreigners- prepare yourself for summertime in Poland! ;)

Hi! I graduated from Teaching Polish as a foreign language and currently I am studying Intercultural Communication and Translating (En-PL, PL-EN). I've been teaching Polish for foreigners for about 4 years now and I feel so lucky that I got the ability to do something that I enjoy and that brings me so much satisfaction. Besides, I can really fulfil myself in this job, as during last years I have been preparing myself to work with languages. I am not only a native, but also a person who has some knowledge (and will to ge to know more) about languages in general and, of course, about our beautiful Polish language. And, what seems to be very important, I just like people. :) I can offer plenty of materials, very nice atmosphere and a loooot of passion and patience. I will be very glad to help you with your Polish! My e-mail: k_jach@tlen.pl All the best, Kasia

- Posted by kasiavolihrvatski from Poland on Feb 13th, 2013

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