Scots in Cracow end of April

Hello all, So a mate and I are heading to Cracow for the first time at the end of the month. Just looking for a few pointers as to recommended bars and a good club for a Thursday night. All help appreciated, cheers, Phil

- Posted by phil_07 from Poland on Apr 18th, 2007

Just have a look through this website for a great array of information on Krakow. Here, you will find plenty of reviews of bars, places to eat, night clubs and basically everything associated with Krakow. What is handy, is that they provide a map and information on where the places are as well as links to the websites for any further information you will need. Enjoy your stay in Krakow, it is an amazing city!!

- Posted by WelshGooner from Poland on Apr 19th, 2007

Hi Phil, read the latest 'pub and cafe' reviews to find out where recent visitors think the best places are. Or use the map and then you can choose by location, if you don't want to have far to crawl back after a night's drinking! There are LOTS of places right in the centre of the Old Town, and very few are bad!

- Posted by Jabber from Poland on Apr 20th, 2007

Thanks for those responses. Have planned out a couple of venues that look like they shouldn't be missed. Will just take the rest as it comes, it seems like there will be more than enough to do in the evenings! See all you Krakovians this weekend.

- Posted by phil_07 from Poland on Apr 23rd, 2007

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