Japanese guy looking for a job

Witam, I'm looking for a job in Kraków area. I lived in Los Angeles USA, studied English and audio engineering for years. I worked for a recording studio in North Hollywood, California USA for two years as mainly mixing and mastering engineer. Back in Japan, I worked in a Japanese restaurant as a cook for a year, and I graduated from automotive engineering college. After that I worked in a car dealership as a car cleaner and polisher for 3 years. I live close to the city center. I moved in Poland two months ago. Uczę polskiego ale teraz mowię po polsku bardzo troche. I speak Japanese as native and English as fluent. I'm amicable and willing to learn and try new and different things. I have numerous practical experience. If you have any offer or just questions, please feel free to contact me. I'm eager to work. Dziękuję barzo, Pozdrawiam.

- Posted by Jipangu from Poland on Nov 27th, 2012

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